Chairman’s Message

Shri Vinod Kumar Singh


An Inroduction

Vinod Singh is a noted politician and educationist who has been actively contributing in the field of health and education and has been involved with the mass at large for over three decades now. Vinod is a holder of Masters Degree Delhi University and has been a lawyer at Lucknow High Court. He served as a tourism minister in the state government of UP from 2007-2012. He is the founder and manager of multiple schools and institutions including Bharat Ram Global School, Indirapuram. He had always envisaged a center for educational excellence at Lucknow, and therefore continue to fulfil his passion of providing quality education to children

“ Education means inspiring someone’s mind not just filling their mind “

-Katie Lusk

From Chairman's Desk

We are living in times where everything is changing rapidly. The pace of technological advancement is so fast that it is difficult for human race to keep pace. It is particularly true for the various systems of our society and that includes education.

Our dream is to support and encourage our learners in their quest to learn. We wish to provide them an excellence driven, world class holistic education supported by SRET. Our school and our facilitators will pursue to inculcate in our students a caring attitude for self, others, for country, for the world and the environment to ensure that our students who are the leaders of tomorrow have a vision of united world.

Our school will provide to all our students a child centric learning center where each child can harness its potentials to achieve its dreams. A commitment of all our mentors to develop an ecosystem that inculcates among our students art of problem solving, critical thinking and life skills that empowers them to excel in fields of their choices in life.

I believe that my team will ensure in creating a happy learning environment in which every child will get an equal opportunity to explore and enhance abilities.