Diwali Celebration

Diwali, the Festival Of Lights, the most awaited one, indeed! DIWALI, equals to news clothes, sweets, lights, sweets, happiness, family, crackers, togetherness and immense thrill in the air.
We, at SRGS, have begun with the festivities already. Activities help build, patience, creativity and team work. They teach the kids in a different way and the outcomes are life long memories. Besides, giving our kids, an interesting lecture on the DOs and DON’Ts of
the festival, we made sure they learn to create something for their homes. Children made their own earthen pots, more commonly called, ‘DIYAS’. They attended several sessions with the potter, within the school premises and learnt to make diyas for themselves. This activity ended up leaving them with deep satisfaction and pride.

Furthermore, they decorated them in unique ways, using paints, glitters and mirrors. A House Activity of Rangoli Making, was also conducted , wherein the teachers as well as the students exhibited their creative sides and the results were astoundingly fabulous. The students had a day full of glee and the little kiddos, proudly displayed their creations all around the premises. The Principal, Ms. Sushma Soni and the Chief Academic Advisor, Ms. Pooja Prasad, encouraged each group, soaked in their art and also poured in their pieces of advice. It was a joyful day full of learning.

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