On the occasion of Earth Day , a special assembly was held by Tagore house
students in our school to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our
The assembly kicked off with a beautiful song “Earth is my Home” which was sung
by our choir. The song’s lyrics extolled the virtue of unity, and how we all can work
together to preserve our planet.
Following the song, an informative skit was staged by the students, which
highlighted the impact of climate change, the disastrous consequences of
deforestation, pollution, and global warming on nature’s delicate balance. The skit
ended on a positive note, inspiring the audience to take a proactive role in protecting
our planet.
The assembly concluded with a dance performance on the “Earth song” by Michael
Jackson. The dance was choreographed to portray the message related to how the
humans have negatively impacted the world.
The assembly was a resounding success as it was a reminder that we all must take
responsibility for our actions towards nature and ensure that we leave behind a
sustainable world for future generations.

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