Let’s talk about choosing the best CBSE school for your child! A parent has hundred questions and million of expectations from the school their child would be going to study and spent his/her precious years. Since this decision will affect their child’s future, the parents consider several factors.

Some are listed below:

  • Academics – the academics of a good CBSE school should be promising the parents to deliver a satisfied study structure for their wards.


  • Theoretical & practical experience- Along with the academics a good CBSE school should also provide activities to enhance a child growth and social skills. Activities like field trip and co-curricular activities enriches child schooling experience.


  • Facilities provided by the School- it is amongst the priority list of a parent to seek that what all facilities the school is providing to the students as well as to the parents and how is the communication between the parents and the school authorities throughout the child studying years.


  • Competitions and Olympiads- when we see the study factor of a school also a parent notices how frequently the school is making their children take part in various competitions and Olympiads. To make the child aware of his/her performance with a public set up also the test of his/her knowledge is valued during such competitions.


  • Enjoy the learning process- the child should always enjoy his/her learning process. the lessons taught to him/her should be done in a way that it would become more of fun learning.


  • The quality of teaching staff – the teachers play a very vital role in shaping the future of a child hence the quality of a teacher effects the child very drastically. A good school has teachers who inspire children to learn and become good individuals.


  • Feel challenged and strive to do better- You know you’ve chosen the right CBSE school if your child feels challenged to do better. The institution instils this feeling in your child through interesting activities and competitions. It is important for a child to strive to get better with the passing of each academic year.


  • Get opportunities to develop non-academic skills- A good CBSE school will enhance its students with various opportunities for their non-academic skills. Activities like singing, painting and sports help in the overall growth of a child.



A 10-point checklist for parents

While deciding a good CBSE school for your child, following pointers could help:

  1. Does the school have an updated website?
  2. Does the school have infrastructure that complies with the CBSE stipulations of providing students spacious rooms, broad corridors and so on?
  3. Does the school have well-stocked labs (including language lab) and a library?
  4. Does the school have teachers who are well-qualified and experienced?
  5. Does the school have sports and co-scholastic achievements to its credit?
  6. Does the school focus on life-skills, leadership skills and communication skills?
  7. Is the school dedicated to sculpting well-rounded personalities?
  8. Does the school have teaching–learning equipment in keeping with the latest trends?
  9. Does the school encourage heuristic learning — that is, it aids learning through self-discovery?
  10. Does the school believe in learning that is student-centric, where the teacher plays the role of a facilitator than an instructor?

Hope this blog has solved your problem of choosing the best CBSE school. However, one has to be careful in choosing a school to ensure it suits your child’s needs. For this would go a long way in helping your child grow up to be a happy, confident and a successful individual. So, along with the reputation of the school, also take into consideration your child’s skills and aptitude to make sure that he/she has a wonderful schooling!

-Shivangi Saxena (Counselor)

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