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Storytelling is a universal and traditional art form that has featured strongly in    Indian culture as an effective communication tool. It can be used to inform, entertain and educate. It is often used as a medium to ingrain values, improving reading skills and opening the minds of children to worlds beyond imagination. An Inter House story Telling Competition named as “Potli Baba Ki” was conducted on 3 December, 2021 at Shri Ram Global School. The competition was conducted in two batches classes 1 and 2 in first batch and classes 3 -5 in the second batch. Ms. Nevedita Sahai and Ms. Jayanti V Kumar were the judges of the competition. Students participated with full energy and zeal. Ms. Sumbul and Ms. Kirti did the comparing for the event.

As with any of the genres of writing that we teachers teach our students, a book review can be helpfully explained in terms of criteria. While there is much to the ‘art’ of writing, there is also, thankfully, a lot of the nuts and bolts that can be listed too. As students read and engage with the work they will review, they will develop a sense of the shape their review will take. An “Intra-Class Inter House Book Review” Competition was conducted at Shri Ram Global School for classes 6 – 9. The topic for the competition was ‘Fiction’ or ‘Autobiography’. Students participated with a competitive spirit. They made beautiful PowerPoint presentations to support their review. Class Teachers of the respective classes judged the competition.

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