Lemonade Day and Ice Cream Day

It is the sweet and simple things of life which are the real ones, after all.
The thought of Summer Season might drop a crease on our forehead for its scorching heat. Yet it is synonymous to Ice-Creams and refreshing Icy-Cold lemonade . Shri Ram Global School Lucknow, adds a pinch of fun and positivity in all spheres of teaching through the online ways. It celebrated its virtual ‘Lemonade Day’, on 4th June, 2021 and ‘Ice Cream Day’, on 11th June, 2021 , respectively . The teachers had planned a fun-filled party for the Pre-Primary children which was together hand-held by the parents. On Lemonade Day, the children were demonstrated how to prepare the refreshing drink. While on ‘Ice-Cream Day’, parents prepared their ward’s favourite ice cream along with a party cap. A video was also shown to them in order to enlighten them about the different flavours and types of ice creams. The children enjoyed every bit of these sessions. They felt immensely empowered. Learning by doing , didn’t seem to have stopped , even, virtually!

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