The covid 19 crisis has caused most things to move online- work , school, grocery shopping, birthday parties and you name it. While the online classes have been a nightmare for the parents the kids have quickly adapted to the new normal. Locked behind the doors of their houses the only meeting points are these classes and after the Government orders to suspend the classes from 1st May 2021 came as a shock not only for the parents but also the students and the schools. Shri Ram Global School (SRGS), Lucknow has always been the school to stay at pace with the world, took the initiative to organise a free summer camp open for all the students across Lucknow city. The registrations began from 4th May, 2021 and within hours we received over hundreds of entries which included children from cities other than Lucknow. An overwhelming response by children of all age groups and their mothers who were quick enough to book their slots for the limited Zumba and Yoga sessions. The date of commencement for the camp was 6th May, 2021 till 17th May, 2021. Even though the summercamp was held for a brief period but it was trending like wildfire. Like all good things come to an end the free summer camp for all witnessed its closing ceremony on 17th May, 2021 via YouTube premiere, another trending way to make the online experience more enjoyable by all!

SRGS, educating children from the age groups of playschool to class 8 with all the latest methods following the CBSE curriculum, designed a Summer Camp to boost literacy and comprehension thus, helping foster critical thinking and creativity in young minds. Our unique digital summer camp offered an excellent choice for kids and their mothers who wanted to learn new things together from the safety of their own house. Understanding the current scenario we adapt to be the best school with all the facilities that your child needs to stay connected to the normal. A playschool for your little ones to bridge the gap between a normal playground learning experience to a virtual playground.


Lets take a dive into the array of activities, its importance and the fact as to why they were encapsulated in this program.


PUPPET TALK: It was designed for the age group 3-7 years conducted in two batches of 

20 kids each. It is the best tool to stimulate imagination. When using fingers to move the puppet the child improves his fine motor skills.This way he learns which finger he needs to wriggle in order to make the puppets arms or legs move. What a way to coordinate brain hand co ordination! At SRGS we always encourage our teachers to understand a child’s phsychi at playschool level and make learning fun while developing their life skills. 


BEST OUT OF WASTE : Children in the age group attending playschools have a knack to play with the things that are lying nearby but in rapidly changing technology as they grow up, they are handed gadgets missing out on crafting new things and exploring. Therefore, it becomes vital to connect arts and craft in children at a younger age. The importance of this will be learning a new skill and help save the environment by utilising the waste material and creating something best out of it. Tools used at playschools for learning and teaching can now be made by the children at home.


HAPPY FEET: as we at SRGS Lucknow call it, are classes geared towards recreational dance and choreography skills. Research has shown that students who study dance are more self motivated, disciplined and focused. Through dance, children can gain a multitude of important developments, sensory and spatial awareness, coordination, concentration and mobility. But more than this, we use it to express emotions, increase confidence or even just to make ourselves feel better! Having said that our Dance teacher and choreographer, Mr Atul Mane left no stone unturned to make his classes juicier, crispier and full of fun. While Ms. Farheena, our pre-primary teacher, made the children from playschools across Lucknow dance while familiarising them about the sounds we hear everyday.


TALES TO REMEMBER/ STORY TELLING: Children were introduced to the magical world of stories through these activities, aimed at all age groups starting from 3-15 years. Stories with the help of props and digital support were narrated to children with full on energy, enthusiasm and lot of stress was given on voice modulation. We incorporated the montessori method of teaching practiced at playschool level to narrate stories. Thereby enhancing the attention span and stepping outside of the boring teaching methods. Students in the age group of 7-15 years were expected to do a role play at the end of the camp. The moral value behind each story was well engrained in the young minds, thus serving the purpose of the activity because SRGS is a perfect mix of traditional and modern value system.

PUT FORTH YOUR POINT: Public speaking is a valuable life skill that is required in all the spheres of life. With structured curriculum, experienced faculty and optimum group sizes that maximise peer to peer learning, the public speaking program was designed to impart the necessary public speaking skill required in real life, no matter which profession the students choose to pursue. At the end of the program students learnt the art of effective communication and how to convince others about one’s view on the solution.


BE  A SINGER: Magical journey of songs was taken up by none other than Mr Abhishek and Ms Nootan targeting the age group 8-15 years. Decades of research has shown that singing individually and in groups is good for our health on many levels. Confident and healthy voice use links to a positive self-concept and an ability to communicate. Having said that, SRGS Lucknow believes that children who are praised for their effort, rather than intelligence, are more tenacious, enjoy their tasks, and perform better overall.


FIT INSIDE OUT: SRGS, the upcoming best CBSE school in Lucknow understands the importance of exercise and fitness into ones life and hence this activity has been encapsulated in our one of its kind summer camp. Taught by the expert instructor, Mr. Farhan, who doesn’t shy away in walking an extra mile for the benefit of his pupil. The school firmly believes that a healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body. Exercise has been proven to provide a mood booster, as it releases chemicals into our brain that helps us feel happier and can ease the effects of negativity which we have been surrounded with in the past one and a half years.


ZUMBA /YOGA: Our summer camp would have been incomplete if we forgot our most special stake holders- The Mothers! Ms Shweta Viz, a certified Zumba trainer and Ms Nima conducted the classes respectively. The energy levels of the trainer and the trainee was worth watching.


Today, when parents are hesitant to get their kids at playschool level to attend online classes, we at SRGS, Lucknow try to cover all the concern areas and provide the best online teaching and learning activities with latest methods and technologies to get the most out of these classes. Not only will we deprive the little ones of the playschool experience and bridge the learning gap in their education but also provide the opportunity to engage the kids with their friends from the other side of the screens. Taking the online classes are not just a compulsion now but a necessity to not make the child feel alienated once the schools are operational again. With the pandemic going on and the traditional summer camps for children closing down, these free summer camp options are an excellent way for your child to continue their learning at no cost and in a safe manner.

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