On Sunday 02 October 2022, our school organized a Ramleela Play followed by Dandiya nights, in the school premises only. The grand show commenced in the evening at around 06:00 PM, with the arrival of our chief guest Mrs. Asha Singh.

Parents of all the students were also invited on this day. Our school ground was completely decorated with lights and flowers. The program was inaugurated by lighting the lamp at the hands of our Respected Director Ms. Palak Singh, simultaneously our Chief Academic Advisor Ms. Pooja Prasad and Principal Ms. Sushma Soni also lit the lamp. The cultural show began with Aarti. After that the show began. To everyone’s surprise this year our staff enacted the whole performance, everyone gave a thrilling performance. The kids were very keen to watch the whole drama.  It was a truly mesmerizing show. Everyone sat glued to the show. The chief guest praised the entire event a lot.

And that was not all, after the Ramleela the audience gathered to enjoy the dandiya on the ground. The new age upbeat music made everyone forget their monotonous lives and got lost into the world of festivity. The entire campus was a huge family tapping their feet to match up with the festival spirit.

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