Guru Nanak Jayanti 8 featured image

Gurpurab, also known as Prakashutsav is a religious festival celebrated by the Sikh community. It is a perfect mix of devotion and spectacularism. A Special assembly was conducted on 18th  November 2021 at Shri Ram Global School, Lucknow. The assembly started with the school prayer followed by the Pledge. Students from preprimary, dressed as Panj Pyare, who are deeply reserved by Sikhs as symbol of steadfastness are devotion Akalroop and Anadi Rajput recited the Mool Mantra and the poem respectively.

An informative speech was delivered by Ms. Nikita Gurnani followed by a motivational video based on the Guru-Shishya Relationship. The closure of the assembly was done with National Anthem. Photography and videography was done by the students of grade IX, Rudrabhishek Mishra, and Vaibha Rawat respectively.

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