“Vigyan Samagam” Science Exhibition

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“Science of today is the technology of tomorrow”

Keeping the above thought in mind we at Shri Ram Global School, organized ‘Vigyan Samagam’, our science exhibition on 30th July 2022. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Rajiv Manohar, Physics Department, University of Lucknow. Students prepared models on ‘modes of transportation’, ‘sustainable and renewable energy i.e. wind energy (live wind mill), solar energy (solar panels) and hydro energy, ‘ecosystem’, ‘operational smart dustbin’, using sensors and coding, ‘electromagnetic induction’ and working models explaining about functioning of the “kidney system”, “drip irrigation system” and working models on “Self-sustainable city.” The combined efforts of the students and teachers was seen by the parents and the guest of honour who observed them while explaining their models. Praises and appreciation was shown by everyone who attended the exhibition for these hardworking innovative young thinkers.

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