Inter-house Debate Competition

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The Inter-house Debate Competition held on April 26th, 2024, featured thought-provoking discussions on education and environmental issues among students from Classes XI-XII and IX-X. In the senior category, Jiya and Yashita from Tagore House emerged as the top debaters, advocating for mindfulness and meditation in the curriculum and against global carbon tax, respectively. In the debate on traditional grading systems, Jiya secured the first position, followed by Deveshi from Gandhi House, while Angel from Kalam House claimed the third position.

In the junior category, Yashita from Tagore House excelled in arguing against the global carbon tax, securing the first position, while Kritagya from Kalam House presented a compelling case against teaching sustainable agriculture practices, securing the second position. Atoofa from Teresa House and Vartika from Gandhi House displayed commendable performance, securing the third and fourth positions respectively.

The competition showcased the students’ ability to articulate their viewpoints, engage in critical thinking, and express themselves persuasively within the allotted time frame. The event fostered intellectual discourse and highlighted the importance of addressing both educational and environmental challenges through informed debate and dialogue.


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