Monitors Oath Ceremony

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Monitors Oath ceremony

Reported by

Chanel Singh, XII – A,

Editorial board head

At Shri Ram Global School, Lucknow, witnessing the selection and appointment of the student workforce is a rewarding experience. A class monitor is a student assigned to assist the teacher in managing the classroom, maintaining discipline, and facilitating communication between students and teachers. Based on these qualities the class monitors were selected.

After the monitors were selected, the school community came together for the oath ceremony led by our Principal, Ms. Shameem Singh. The newly appointed monitors took their oath, with heads held high and hearts full of determination, amidst a gathering of peers, and teachers.

The swearing-in ceremony for school monitors marked the induction of a new cohort of student leaders into their roles. The ceremony serves as a symbol of commitment to serve the school community and signifies their dedication to uphold the values of integrity, and responsibility. The Principal shared the school’s vision with the students and motivated them to be conscientious leaders.

Ultimately, the swearing-in ceremony not only marks a new chapter for the school monitors but also reinforces SRGS’s commitment to nurturing responsible and compassionate leaders for the future.


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