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Students from Grade III-VIII at Shri Ram Global School, Lucknow celebrated Labour Day by embodying the spirit of giving and compassion. Instead of simply commemorating the day, we took tangible action by contributing essential items such as rice, pulses, wheat flour and cucumbers. This act of kindness wasn’t just about donating; it was about instilling values of empathy and social responsibility in our students.

The donation, totaling 20 kg of rice, 18 kg of pulses (Arhar Dal), 15 kg of wheat flour and 10 kg of cucumbers was collected by the Community Kitchen in Gomti Nagar. These items were collected to be cooked and served to labourers, spreading love and nourishment to those in need. Moreover, this initiative served as a valuable learning opportunity for our students, who actively participated in measuring and organizing the donated items.

This activity aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 2 – Zero Hunger, demonstrating our commitment to addressing global challenges through local action, the initiative is a part of SEWA (SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT THROUGH WORK EDUCATION AND ACTION) activity. Teachers of various subjects, including English, Hindi and Maths incorporated relevant exercises into classwork notebooks, inculcating the understanding of civic duty and social responsibility.

Special recognition goes to Anukriti ma’am and the team of teachers at SRGS for their exemplary coordination in executing this initiative. Their dedication and effort ensured the success of this endeavour. The reflective musings of our students, curated by Avantika ma’am, provided insights into their experiences and learnings. With this initiative, we embark on the journey of student portfolios, capturing the transformative impact of service and empathy in their educational journey.


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