Maths Ignited Mind & Diya Décor

“Go deep down in anything and you will find Mathematics.” This quote emphasises on the
versatility of the subject. Maths may apparently be one of the difficult subjects, yet if we look into its benefits in our daily life, we shall change our opinion. It enhances
the spatial thinking, critical thinking, problem solving ability etc.

Shri Ram Global School conducted the Inter-House Ignited Minds Quiz on 19 October ‘19 for the students of grade 1st to 5th. The rules of the four rounds were briefed to the
participants. The rounds were ‘Listen, Think, Answer’;‘Geometrical Puzzle’; ‘Solve And Write’; ‘Audience Round’. The young minds were soaked in the questions
in totality and gave precise well-thought answers in time. They were hugely enthusiastic about solving problems, exhibiting alertness and contributing to their
House. They worked in excellent coordination. The audience was thrilled every time their own team spoke out the right answer. They were exceedingly
supportive and full of excitement.The most awaited moment was when the results were
announced and Gandhi House won the competition among the students of classes 3 to 5, Teresa House won in Class 1 and Kalam House won in Class 2.

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