“Science is simply a word to describe the method of organizing                     Curiosity and Creativity.”

The pre-primary wing of “Shri Ram Global School, Lucknow organised its first Science Exhibition “Little Einsteins At Work” (Invent Inspire Innovate) on 28th February, 2023. The event was inaugurated by the Director of Operations Ms. Palak Singh. The event started with Cultural Programs by our kids,they danced on melodious songs, followed by the exhibition which included presentations by our little Einsteins with live experiments as ‘Float and Sink, ‘Capillary Action’, ‘Buoyancy with Oranges’. Models as ‘Tooth Cleaning’, ‘Parts of plant’, ‘Rotation & Revolution’. PowerPoint Presentation as ‘Pollution’ & ‘Conservation of Water’. Our Tiny Tots stolen the show by displaying eminent personalities in the field of science such as ‘Kalpana Chawla’, ‘C.V. Raman’, etc. The exhibition was successful with praises & appreciation shown by Mr. Yashwant Singh, Sub Inspector, Lucknow and everyone who attended the Exhibition.

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