summer camp day 1 7

“ Eat, Sleep, Camp, Repeat”

The summer season has set in and with the onset of this season, begins the wait for the summer holidays. These holidays not only provide us the time to visit new places and relax but also the perfect aura to learn new skills and also to splurge in such activities which time doesn’t sanction in normal course of day.

With this thought, Shri Ram Global School, Lucknow brings the ‘Summer Camp’ for this year which again included newer set of activities, varied forms of art and learning oriented workshops which will eventually give wings to creativity and satiate the inquisitiveness of the eager minds and develop a range of skills. The camp promises to hold something for everyone right from the curious young souls to the ardent adolescents and from the young graduates to parents who go by the maxim- “It’s never too late to learn”.

The first day of ten-day Summer Extravaganza commenced with campers from various schools entering the magnificent campus with pride, excitement, delight, and confidence. They enjoyed swimming, gymnastics, skating, storytelling, cooking without fire and many more fun activities. The day ended with a sparkling smile on the faces while they went home to recharge themselves for the next joyous and bright day of Summer camp.

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