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Parenting is one of the most blissful yet challenging journeys we will ever undertake in our life.

But as a parent, most of the time, you are clueless about it.  The reason is either we have been told that parenting would come “naturally” to us or we have been provided with countless numbers of free advice that are practically hard to implement. Sometimes as parents, we take our child’s argumentative behaviour as disrespectful. But, what we fail to understand here is that it could be their defiant behaviour.

All of them are really trying to do is just communicate their point and express their feelings- not hurt or disrespect anyone.  It’s a normal part of a child’s development. And all they need at this stage is for you to understand them.


In pursuit of which Shri Ram Global school had organised a two day workshop on ‘Happy Parenting’ from 20.05.2022 – 21.05.2022 for all the parents of SRGS. The workshop was for every parent who ever wondered: “Why does my child do that?” The workshop helped them understand the reasons kids do what they do, so that as a parent you can guide their behaviour – and see more of the behaviour you like, and less of the behaviour you don’t like.


It also focused on ensuring a safe engaging environment for children by creating a positive learning environment, using assertive discipline and having realistic expectations. Using a happy parenting approach will not only help family life run a little smoother, it will also make it less likely that your child will develop more serious behaviour problems into their adolescent years. The workshop was conducted by an Expert Counsellor. She helped the parents refresh their parenting skills, learn some wonderful new ways to positively parent and to develop some strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour. The session equipped parents to deal with all the confusing doubts, puzzling moments, and contradictory emotions that parenting entails. The workshop concluded with one on one session with the parents for their child’s development.

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