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Moving forward further to become a change SHRI RAM GLOBAL SCHOOL, LUCKNOW today pioneered the ‘Conscious Planet  Global Movement’ initiated by Sadhguru.


Maati Vaqta, Akka Geetika Bharti spoke to the students and staff to create consciousness towards soil and planet.


Mr. Divyanshu a volunteer from Isha foundation through his speech approached the pre-primary and primary children.


The event was very well coordinated by the student volunteer  Miss. Saanvi and Master Shreyansh along with the Academic coordinator Ms. Shalini Srivastava.


The Principal Ms. Sushma Soni along with the staff members became The Earth Buddies by giving a missed call on the number 8000030003.


Our students will write letters to the Prime Minister of India requesting to save the soil for them. We request our Parent partners to stand with the children and create awareness for a better and safe planet.


The movement seeks to show governments of all nations that their citizens want a policy to revitalize soil and ecology.


To activate and demonstrate the support of over 3 billion citizens, Sadhguru will be riding a motorcycle alone, over 30,000 kilometers across 24 nations which will start in London and end in South India, Lucknow being a station in his journey.


Activating citizen participation will ensure that ecological issues become election issues, so that governments create policies and set budgets for ecological solutions, leading to sustained implementation.


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